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System to sell online. ECommerce for internet sales, online sales system
Por    07 de mayo de 2020


If you have a distributor, and are tired of taking orders by phone or mail. It is high time that you have your own system for taking customer orders. Your client will thank you!

By providing your customer with a system to place orders from the comfort of the internet, from your business or from home, it simplifies time, increases income, and you will not have to deal with so many administrative tasks because the system will do a part for you. .

SEE THE DEMO, ENTER THE ADMINISTRATION PANEL BY ENTERING: SYSTEM TO LIFT CUSTOMER ORDERS <---- (If the link doesn't work, copy and paste the url in the browser).

1) You are the owner of the distributor

User: admin
Password: admin

2) Your customer (The one who buys from you)

User: demo
Password: demo

 The first one emulates what we are. Managing sales, users, daily cash, invoices issued, (OWNER OF THE DISTRIBUTOR). The second emulates our clients by making purchases or orders, with their username and password, (CLIENTS).

With the use of this type of system it is possible to: Streamline the order process immediately and instantly when the customer  formulate the order or the seller passes and lifts an order. At the time this process is carried out, a receipt or invoice is generated provisionally and immediately.

If you find the system useful, feel free to contact us to inquire. Contact us, your inquiry does not bother us.

Note: For this demo we use exclusive images for this demo, that is, they will only be used exclusively for the purposes of this demo.

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